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Guest Blog Post

I had the opportunity to write a guest blog post for church.org discussing why I had decided to stop using Snapchat. Here is an excerpt:

“Temptation is at every corner and social media is definitely a place where it can be easy to get tripped up. Now don’t get me wrong, social media can also be a powerful tool to inspire, encourage and inform, but you must use a filter if you’re going to be a follower, no Snapchat pun intended.”

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chris norris on GoErie.com

Having a Voice

In late 2017, #NetNeutrality was a trending topic amidst others within the political climate of our country. As a professional who relies on the web for both my work and personal life, I had an opinion on the subject and was given the chance to have my voice heard in the local news.

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chris norris on GoErie.com talking about use of emojis

My Two Cents

I’m not a big movie buff but I was given the opportunity to weigh in on the rising popularity and usage of emojis in light of the new “Emoji Movie” released in 2017. I enjoyed the opportunity to have some fun around the excitement of the film but to also voice my two cents on how emojis are shifting the way we communicate. Here is an excerpt:

“They provide unique ways to communicate in a lighthearted fashion, perfect for the target that I’m trying to reach here at Mercyhurst.” 

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chris norris on GoErie.com article about snapchat

Leading the Way

Social Media is always changing, especially in the higher education landscape. Students are using new channels to communicate in new ways and I enjoy the challenge in keeping in-tune with each of them. In 2015, we dove into the Snapchat landscape because we saw the need to do so. This move caught the attention of the local newspaper as we stayed on the forefront of social media trends within higher ed.

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Being a Part of the Conversation

I love podcasts. I learn a lot from podcasts. I listen to podcasts every day. Whether it’s about living the dad life, higher ed social media strategies, church communication trends or sermons, podcasts have become part of how I consume media. So when I had the opportunity to be a part of the church online conversation by being featured on two podcasts I listen to (ym sidekick and WKLY) I was more than excited.




I have the privilege of working with a talented group of creatives. Our writers, graphic designers, video producers and project managers make me better at what I do everyday. Over the past few years, our team has won several awards both locally and nationally.

2016 Erie Advertisement Awards

Four Gold and two Silver Awards

Chris Norris at the 2016 Erie Addy awards

Me showing off my Addy Awards

2016 Telly Awards

  • Bronze
  • My work: One Color and Meet Luke the Laker
Chris Norris holding his 2016 Telly Awards

Holding my Telly Awards on campus

2017 Erie Advertisement Awards

2017 Telly Awards