Chris Norris

My name is Christopher Norris but you can call me Chris and I’ll clarify up front that there is no relation to Chuck Norris however, my facial hair is red. You’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet where I house some of the stuff that makes me excited to get to work everyday. By “work” I am talking about the things that bring fulfillment to my life such as:

  • my faith
  • my family
  • the power of the web
  • the influence of social media
  • telling stories through video
  • being a fit and active dad
  • baseball

Norris family outdoor photo

I am fortunate enough to have a career that intersects with many of my passions. I currently work as a Media Graphics Specialist at Erie Insurance. That means I create still and motion graphics, produce and edit video content and assist media services with studio, location and webcast productions.

Church Online is my latest professional endeavor. I oversee the implementation of several weekly online church services while also leading an online congregation and providing them with pastoral support. I believe in what the church stands for and I believe in the power of the web. Bring these two things together and you have the opportunity to change lives in the online space.

Thanks for clicking around and don’t be shy, shoot me an email and say hi!